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Welcome to our customer annual report, which will give you information and highlights of how we have performed during the 2022/23 financial year.

You’ll hear from our team who will share how we are doing, as well as how we are investing in our homes so they’re safe and well-maintained, as well as how we use your feedback to improve what we offer. You can also find out how the brands who have joined our Group in recent years – East Boro Housing Trust (EBHT), Central and Cecil (C&C) and Enham Trust – have performed.

We’d like to hear from you

We always want to hear how we can improve our services to you. Or perhaps you have some feedback on this report? Please do get in touch by emailing or by clicking on the buttons throughout the report.

Across the Aster Group, we prepare a variety of reports for the benefit of our customers, colleagues and other stakeholders. You can find our other reports by clicking on one of the below links:

Aster Group annual report 2022/23

Environmental, Social, and Governance report 2021/22

Enham Trust annual report 2022/23

East Boro Housing Trust annual report 2022/23

Central and Cecil annual report infographic 2022/23

Enham Trust, East Boro Housing Trust, and Central and Cecil Housing Trust form part of the Aster Group. For further information visit:;;

Our customer service performance

We're committed to listening to and working with you, meaning you should receive a good service, first time. Find out more about how we’ve performed during 2022-23.

Investing in our homes

We delivered over 1,300 new homes during the year, while also spending £83.4m maintaining and modernising our current homes. Find out more about how we’ve invested in our homes and how we'll invest more in the future to ensure they remain safe and well-maintained.

Your feedback

We are committed to working with you so our services are shaped around what you find most important. Read more about how your feedback is helping us design our housing services.

Our brands

During 2022/23 we were delighted to welcome Enham Trust into the Aster family. Following the merger with East Boro Housing Trust (EBHT) in 2020, and with London-based Central and Cecil (C&C) at the start of 2022, this means three housing trusts have become part of Aster Group in as many years.

Find out more about what EBHT, C&C and Enham has achieved in the past year here.