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How we support our most vulnerable customers 

Our tenancy sustainment service aims to improve the dignity, life opportunities, and financial wellbeing of our customers with vulnerabilities who, without intervention, would be at risk of homelessness.    

We work with specific customers to prevent their tenancy breaking down, and work with other teams, local agencies and support providers to ensure they receive the help they need to thrive.  

We identify a customer’s skills or knowledge gaps throughout the early ‘relationship building’ stages. This information is used to develop an action plan with specific goals, delivered in targeted time frames. Regular monitoring and reviews will provide updates to our colleagues and key partners, informing what support we need to continue to offer.  

Heather’s story  

We first became aware of Heather thanks to information shared with us from a support worker who was concerned over her low mood and anxiety, especially as Heather leads an isolated life with little to no support network. When the worker visited Heather, they identified her home was cluttered and unclean, and we were approached for help.   

Working with our tenancy sustainment service, two of our service officers, Jo and Danni, have spent time with Heather to build her trust. They’ve supported Heather getting help with her mental health, helping her to improve her home conditions and get rid of some of the items she’s been holding onto as a direct result of her health concerns.   

Heather’s home has been deep-cleaned, and some 900kgs of items that Heather no longer needed has been removed. Where Heather has needed new furnishings, Jo and Danni have helped her apply to various charities to help secure these. As a result of these positive steps, Heather has the fresh start that she has longed for.    

Heather said: “When I first heard that housing was going to find out about the flat and the clutter I had been hoarding, I was petrified, I thought I’d be chucked out straight away. I don’t let anybody come to see me at home and have not been able to answer the door to anybody in such a long time as I’ve been so embarrassed.   

I would never have believed you’d have been able to help me as you have. What you guys have done has been incredible and I am very grateful.”   

Tenancy sustainment support is not time limited and there is no ‘one size fits all’ – it is as individual as our customers are.  

If you’d like to find out more, or if you believe you could benefit from the service, please call our contact centre on 0333 400 8222 or speak to a housing officer.  

Joanne Flower 

Tenancy Sustainability Officer 

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