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Our lettings team works hard to make sure you and your family could move into a home, with 2,086 moves completed during the year.

We continue to work closely with local authorities to provide creative solutions for anyone facing homelessness. We’ve used some of our homes to provide accessible and adapted temporary accommodation, minimising the need for those affected to live in hotels or B&Bs.

We bought five homes in Hampshire through the Rough Sleeper Accommodation Programme (RSAP) to support people at risk of rough sleeping. This project, run in partnership with Test Valley Borough Council, allows people to get a home for them to move into and any extra support they need. Four of the five homes are currently being lived in. Over the next 30 years, these homes will provide a place for people at risk of rough sleeping, or who have been sleeping rough in the borough.

In response to customer feedback, we’ve updated our lettable standard, a document which sets out what customers can expect within our homes. We’ve also updated our digital offer to make the moving experience as easy as possible.

We continue to review the circumstances of any new customer and help with any specific needs, working with external partners if required. This includes making the most of our budgets to support customers who may have limited financial options.

Even though we’ve grown over the years, we pride ourselves on making sure our customers receive a good local service. We recognise that we need to adapt our services to the needs of the local area and the customers that live there so we can provide long-term investment in our homes and communities. We now have four regional directors, working closely with our teams who understand your needs in your area. This is to help provide that local touch that matters so much to you and the communities in which you live.

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