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The CCN oversees the service Aster provides for all customers and the work carried out in our communities.   

Across the meetings held during the 2022/23 year, the CCN was updated on customer-related performance figures and how we manage risk.  We’ve particularly enjoyed being kept up to date with the Tpas accreditation process and the benefits it will bring to Aster’s services and customers.

Following its merger into the Group, we took part in a guided tour around Enham this year and have kept a close eye on progress since the merger, as well as the ongoing work to integrate Central and Cecil (C&C).

We’ve had a particular focus this year on the impact of the cost-of-living crisis, and the growing number of condensation and mould cases reported across the housing sector. We’ve been provided with information about the proactive approach Aster has been taking in both areas, along with the impacts on our customers. We influenced and reviewed Aster’s fuel poverty approach that will be implemented during Winter 2023, and we influenced a debate around the rent setting process for the 2024/25 financial year.

During the year, we started accessing a new performance dashboard that covers the quality of homes, quality of service provided and customer satisfaction. We can look at measures of our choice, and then focus on performance.

We also received a pilot project presentation run by Aster inc., a part of the Aster Foundation that helps businesses combat the causes and effects of poverty. This project uses digital media to tackle the negative stereotypes of people living in social housing.

In addition, the network: 

  • monitored customer service programmes 
  • received updates on customer complaints and compliments – we view one compliant and one compliment at the start of each of our meetings
  • reviewed and approved the Housing Ombudsman Complaint Handling Code self-assessment, and had a role in reviewing the annual complaints report
  • welcomed new members including representation from C&C
  • fed into reports on the review of our customer service strategy, including how we are evolving our digital offering.

Denise Harper

Aster customer and CCN member

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